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    A tale of two waterfronts

    Design inspired by the Gold Coast landscape

    Standing between the river and the sea, in view of the Gold Coast hinterland, Rivea combines the appeal of diverse landscapes and lifestyle possibilities.

    Published July 21, 2022

    Few Australian beachside apartments also offer river and mountain views, but that’s exactly what the creators of Rivea—the Gold Coast’s latest high-end complex—have found the chance to do at a unique location.

    Linking landscapes and lifestyles

    Just moments from the ocean, affording views of that wide blue expanse from vantage points within, Rivea also stands on the banks of the Nerang River and overlooks the Gold Coast Hinterland in the far distance. Residents can naturally walk to the nearby beach for a swim or surf, but may also enjoy the water from an opulent infinity pool whose edge seems to melt into the river.

    The name itself is a play on words that unites riv(er) and (s)ea, writing the location into its identity. Placed where the river meets the sea, Rivea brings together multiple landscapes and lifestyle possibilities, suiting everyone from retirees and holidaymakers to families and, eventually, big-city commuters.

    Balance without compromise

    Achieving an equilibrium between relaxed waterside living and the urban amenity that Surfers puts in reach is a central part of the vision that Rivea’s developers and architects have striven to realise. The building’s design by Rothelowman—from its scale to its use of form and materials—along with the way that light, air and foot traffic flow through its spaces, have been crafted to convey a sense of tranquil equanimity.

    In communal areas and in the privacy of the apartments themselves, the play of abundant natural light creates a rich variety of moods. From the entrance to the level 18 recreation deck, or one’s own breezy apartment balcony, residents will at turns encounter dazzling sun and sea, shaded retreats, and glimpses of the winding watercourse.

    Preview the Rivea experience

    With construction due to finish in mid-2024, Rivea’s display suite is now open. Contact a sales agent today to schedule a viewing of its modern interiors with upgradable fixtures and finishes, an interactive touch-screen display highlighting the development’s most outstanding features, and a deck with Nerang River views that offer a taste of what you’ll experience when you move in. Visitors anxious to claim their own place among these exceptional residences can now make a deposit to lock in the opportunity.