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    Down by the river

    Rivea’s beguiling riverside infinity pool and its exquisitely appointed surrounds will entice you to linger by the water’s edge.

    Published September 28, 2022

    It’s easy to pass through an apartment lobby without a thought: after a long day or a routine shopping trip, you want to get in the lift and home to drop your bags and hit the couch. But at the Rivea apartments on the Gold Coast, one outstanding feature will draw you down to the ground floor again and again, inviting you to appreciate an oasis of cool shade, decked in the textures of concrete, wood and stone, and adorned with features like a Zen-inspired sculpture of vine-covered boulders.

    Riverside relaxation

    That drawcard is a remarkable infinity-edged pool coupled with a light-filled poolside lounge, fringed with lovingly landscaped foliage. Catching a glimpse of the riverside vista from the entryway, you’ll come to a luxurious open-air deck overlooking the water, complete with showers and a sauna room. Dive into the pool with direct views of the Nerang River for a swim, or take a comfy bench seat set back from the water’s edge and simply relax until the light of sunset sparkles across the scene.

    Breaking the banks

    Then there’s the river itself. The pool seems to melt into the larger body of water, making you imagine what it would be like to swim across the boundary and merge into the current.

    It doesn’t have to stop at imagination: subject to approval from the relevant authorities, this area is also planned to feature private pontoons that will give residents direct access to the river. That means that the prospect of a swim in the Nerang will really be only a few steps away, as will kayaking and boating. At Rivea, you’ll feel like a part of the river is really your own—and maybe a part of you will become the river’s.