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    Sharing a life of leisure

    Level 18 Recreation Deck

    Eighteen stories above sea level, Rivea’s elegantly appointed recreation deck creates inspiring spaces for exercise, leisure, and entertaining.

    Published August 9, 2022

    Enjoying a remarkable Gold Coast location with views of ocean, hinterland, and the winding Nerang River, the apartments at Rivea come paired with shared spaces that make creative use of their environment to expand residents’ lifestyle options.

    Along with the enchanting riverside infinity pool area, the recreation deck on level 18 is one of Rivea’s highlights. Designed to meet the preferences of a range of residents for pursuing fitness, leisure, and wellbeing, it offers multiple areas that let you enjoy away-from-home activities with a measure of the comfort and privacy of your own abode.

    A healthy outlook

    A generously proportioned and equipped gym, featuring a wellness zone facing the ocean, good for meditation and yoga. The space provides an uplifting environment that will motivate you to stick with your routines for cultivating wellbeing.

    Even if you’re not a gym junkie, the views of the river, ocean, hinterland and city are reason enough to come and enjoy the recreation deck. The open-plan design keeps a 270-degree view in sight at all times, making the most of Rivea’s surrounds to create a feeling of being enfolded in the natural and urban landscape.

    Spaces for work and play

    Increasing the range of ways that residents can use the recreation area, level 18 incorporates a shared lounge for relaxing outside your own apartment while still on home turf. Two spacious balconies let you watch the sun set or rise over ocean, river, and hinterland, depending on the time of day.

    The innovative addition of a private dining room facing the river creates extra space for residents to enjoy the company of friends and family alongside stunning views that few restaurants or bars can boast.

    And when work and home need a little separation, level 18 provides a meeting room to use for personal and professional projects. Residents will find this area perfect for adding an impressive natural backdrop to the occasional video call while keeping distractions at bay.

    All these areas carry with them the elegant and carefully selected colour palettes and fittings that feature in Rivea’s individual units. This brings a seamless cohesion to public and private spaces so you continue feeling right at home in shared areas and are encouraged to make the best use of everything Rivea can contribute to your daily life.

    Explore the possibilities

    To find out more about the amenities at Rivea, call one of our sales agents today on 1300 174 832. You can even book an in-person tour of the display suite, which features an outdoor deck with views onto the same ocean and riverside landscapes that residents will survey from the recreation area once construction concludes in mid-2024.